Shipments made outside the 50 U.S. states will have shipment costs computed on an order-by-order basis.

We ship FedEx to anywhere in the world that the item(s) in your order can be delivered.

Do to the wide variance in custom and paperwork laws in different countries, please allow us 24 hours from the receipt of your foreign shipment order to complete the necessary forms.

We will email you back the total cost of the shipment. Once you email us conformation, we will charge the order to your credit card and email you an anticipated ship and delivery dates.

In the rare event that an item(s) cannot be shipped to your country, we will notify you before any charges are placed on your credit card.

If you have mailed us payment, such payment will be returned to you.

We always include insurance and shipping trace tags on every shipment. If you do not want to pay for insurance and trace tag, we will not in any way be responsible for refunds if the shipment is lost or damaged.

If you have any questions regarding foreign shipments, please email us before placing your order.